A Premier Childhood Obesity Program

The FitforKids Childhood Obesity Intervention is designed to tackle the problem of childhood obesity and contribute to its reduction.

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A Premier Childhood Obesity Intervention, based on voluntary work.

Over the past 30 years childhood obesity has increased at an alarming rate. The FitforKids Childhood Obesity Intervention is designed to tackle this epidemic problem and contribute to its reduction.

It is our passion to improve children’s health and wellbeing, because we know how important it is for a child’s self-esteem and quality of life to be in good shape and to feel fit.

Fitforkids is specifically designed for obese children and their families: the Program is easy to follow, the trainings are fun and intense and the results are amazing!

Our programme consists of 4 elements

Motivational program

Physical training

Nutritional advice

Social Events

Who are FitforKids?

FitforKids is an international non-profit social innovation project, founded in 2007 in Copenhagen - Denmark, with the aim and ambition to create the best possible community-based Childhood Obesity Intervention in the World.

Our value proposition to our customers, i.e. our donators, is to deliver a solution that is more effective and less expensive than existing interventions. Our promise to our FitforKids families and children is to make it fun and cool to be part of our world.

We have scientific proof that our program works. We have shown that our model is feasible and that we can scale our solution. With more than 1000 families to have followed the FitforKids program we have deep in sight in to the pitfalls and mechanics of Childhood Obesity Intervention.

FitforKids is completely free for the families!

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