The Sport and Social Promotion Association “L’Orma” is a non profit organization active since more than ten years in the field of physical activity exploited as instrument of communication, relationship, fun, learning, growth, knowledge and well-being for young people. The permanent staff is composed by 10 persons that coordinates every year more than 100 educators, developing different initiatives declined in sport, physical and artistic expression (theatre and musical performance arrangements) and playful-recreational education activities.

Overall, during its more than fifteen years experience, "L’Orma" has involved 380 schools, 940 teachers, more than 34,000 children and 67,000 parents, designing and implementing more than 1200 educational and sport initiatives. Since 2015 L'Orma has been working in the Erasmus + program. We currently involved in 10 projects as partners (sport and youth) and 3 as Coordinator: a small and a big sport collaborative partnership and a Ka2 in the field of youth. L’Orma host each year 3 young workers though the Erasmus for Young Enterpreneurs program and 2 ESC volunteers.

The Orma is a reality that, for over 20 years, has been developing and proposing pedagogical-sports training courses and projects based on movement and experience aimed at stimulating personal and professional growth of children, boys and adults.


Vol.To Vol.To is a member of CSVnet and uses it to pursue its aims, it is accredited as organization for National Volunteering Service (l.n. 64 dated 6th march 2001 – organization code: NZ01965, reference: Regione Piemonte - Ufficio Servizio Civile ). Vol.To recruited and selected volunteers from Piedmont to take part at EXPO 2015 that was held in Milan in 2015 more than 400 people have been involved from our organization. Moreover Vol.To runs a thematic desk at the municipal office among the Youth Department of the City of Turin, the project, called Youth in Association, aim to provide to young people the skills and the information needed to found a volunteering association.

In addiction to a big number of formal learning opportunities with more than 20 courses per year, Vol.To provides several chances in non formal education for youths and adults; since 2006 has delivered a special service called Volunteering Orientation Desk Enforcing the skills of people involved in Volunteering using formal and non formal education is a key issue for Vol.To. Vol.To mission is to qualify and support volunteers in order to enable them to seize opportunities and take individual paths of development. For this purpose we develop projects to increase the interest in voluntary works as well as build tailor-made learning paths on the needs of volunteers.

Vol.To works to provide free services (such as training, consultancy, planning assistance) to assist the voluntary associations in the Province of Turin. Thanks to its key position within the volunteering network in Turin and in Italy aims at generate new opportunity for the territory.


Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a no profit association created in 1993 by a group of young people of Amarante (actually AMC has 480 members). The main objective is to promote a healthy way of life among the population (especially Youth) and nowadays runs three different sections: Mountain Bikes, Canoeing and Fair Trade. AMC is always willing to participate in projects that will allow the development of skills/competences of its youth workers and raise awareness about the values and principles we stand for. Since 2009, we are organizing projects in the field of Non-Formal Education (more than 70 approved projects under Youth in Action, Lifelong learning and Erasmus+) using several methods and techniques related to drama, theatre and dance as they are very good tools to enhance social and personal development of young people. We organize EVS, youth exchanges, training courses, local workshops and other initiatives that are connected to entrepreneurship and creativity, youth participation, human rights, sustainable development, fair trade and healthy lifestyles.

Through the activities of Casa da Juventude de Amarante, AMC has been promoting the practice of healthy lifestyles (especially food and sport), raising awareness for sustainable development (support for organic producers in the region and promotion of Fair Trade) and promote Volunteering, Human Rights Education and intercultural dialogue. We will continue to focus on the methodology of Non Formal Education, encouraging the use of experiential methods (learning by doing) and activities that inspire initiative and creativity (such as music or sport, for example). AMC intends to continue to be a sort of "ambassador" of Europe in the local community and the region, functioning both as a resource center and information whether as mobility platform and participation of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities.